Concrete Lifting - Lloydminster, AB

Lux Insulation is a spray foam insulation company servicing Lloydminster and the surrounding area for the last three years. Lux insulation prides itself on being an expert in the industry and providing the best customer experience through education and being attentive to the requirement of each individual client and their project.

Through its day to day operations, Lux Insulation began to identify an ongoing need for addressing sunken concrete not only for its residential clients but commercially as well. One that would not involve a costly replacement.

Lifting with Mud or Foam?

Concrete slab lifting is not a new service. In fact, the mudjacking system was developed in 1929 and continues to be used to this day. Mud jacking involves drilling many large holes (1-3”) throughout your concrete, pumping them full of a mud like material made of sand, cement and other materials and then waiting upward of 24-48 hrs to cure. Messy and time consuming. This did not
sound like a solution for Lux Insulation or it’s clients. Being well educated in the polyurethane industry and an experienced polyurethane contractor, Lux Insulation was aware of the effectiveness and benefits of using foam to lift concrete. A cleaner, less invasive way. This is where the creation of Lux’s concrete lifting service came to life.

Our spray foam concrete raising system is used to raise and support various sunken concrete projects such as sidewalks, driveways, patio slabs, basements and garages, etc. Not only is it used to lift concrete but it can be used to fill voids and stabilize soils underneath the heavy concrete pad. Commercially, foam jacking has been used for highway and bridge repair, stabilizing and lifting buildings as well as airport runways.
The process involves a one to two man crew who will evaluate the best location for where holes are to be drilled into the subgrade. Injection holes provide access for the technicians to install a delivery port to attach their injection gun. The holes are dime sized making them easy to patch and less noticeable upon completion.

The specialized injection gun feeds the high-density geo-technical expanding foam material through the injection hole, under the slab where the chemical reaction will begin to occur, expanding 25 to 35 times its original volume. The installer will pump material intermittently to prevent over raising the slab and causing damage during the installation. When a satisfactory concrete lift has been achieved, the
injection gun and ports are removed. 
The injection holes are filled with cement and troweled smooth leaving behind little evidence that work has been done except for a complete, level finish.
Contact the LUX team today to get a free estimate on you lifting and levelling your sunken concrete.

Slab lifting foam is a long term solution to your sunken concrete. It is a solid foam which does not break
down or erode which makes it a superior product to our competitors using a mudjack system. It cannot
be broken down by water, chemicals seeing sunlight as the only threat to it’s integrity. Because the
foam is protected by the concrete above, this is not an issue. However, we cannot control nature. It is
the soil itself that continues to move which could lead to a sinking reoccurrence.

We ask that you wait 15-20 minutes before adding substantial weight to your newly lifted concrete to
allow the product to cure. This is a big deciding factor for many of our clients as opposed to waiting 24-
48 hours for the curing of a mudjack system.

There are risks to any concrete slab repair. This is where choosing a knowledgeable, credible contractor
is of utmost importance. An experienced contractor will be able to easily identify any risks and are able
to minimize likelihood of damage from the estimate to completion of your project.